Oxygen enrichment unit

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Oxygen Enrichment unit


Oxygen enriched air is essential in many industries. Most of the time, partial pressure elevation of O2 in air offers high advantages. YCGES's oxygenator based on innovative hollow fiber technology elevates oxygen concentration from 20.8% in atmospheric air to 40%, at required pressure.

The OEU is Oxygen Enrichment Unit, provides oxygen enriched air on site from 0.5 LPM to as per demand.

What it is?

The heart of OEU is a cartridge packed with Hollow-fiber (HF)-membranes. The other components of OEU are compressor, flow meters, gauges and necessary pneumatic fittings.

How it works?

The atmospheric air under certain pressure passes through membrane cartridge wherein oxygen is permeated through membrane surface preferentially over other gas components in the air. This happens due to intrinsic high solubility of oxygen in membrane surface and pore size optimally adjusted according to kinetic radius of oxygen molecule. An OEU contains a single or multiple membrane cartridges depending upon requirement. Individual membrane cartridge contain multiple HF-membranes, which are glued and potted at both ends of membrane module.

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