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InstaBlue 360°

Purity in every drop

Driven by Gravity

Instablue 360°, a simple and effortless solution for water purification which works on gravity filtration technology.

Minimal Maintenance & Eco Friendly

Instablue 360° is a self driving product which does not require any external power source. Even works without electricity. Instablue 360° does not require any chemicals to work thus making it Eco friendly.

Removes 99.99% Bacteria

W.H.O. says 80% of diseases such as, Polio, diarrhea, cholera, dysentery and other 25 water borne diseases are caused due to unsafe drinking water.

Maintains Essential Minerals in Water

Retains minerals in the water which are essential for the human body.

About Us

YC GES (YouthconGreen Energy Solutions) is into product engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales channel establishment for innovative, cost effective and award-winning technologies.

Youthcon Green Energy Solutions has commitment to promote green technology and reduce CO2 emissions through its sustainable, eco friendly, affordable and quality products. We are committed to quality and driven by innovation so as to provide cost-effective solutions for increasing energy demands.

We are specialized in understanding the customer requirements and designing a suitable energy solution for the needs. We specialize in renewable energy solutions design. Our teams have qualified renewable energy engineers and researchers. We aim to cater the most financially suitable green energy solutions designed to address the issues of our society. We set aside the opportunity to tune in to the requirements of customers and our business theory is to do it right the first run through.

Delivering socio-economic and environmental benefits in order to achieve sustainable growth has become the company's vision. At YCGES we have wide range of green energy products catering solutions to Individual, Institute & Industry. Our Hollow Fiber membrane technologies are based on the proprietary technology from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.

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