Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

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Solar assisted heat pumps


  • Minimal Operating cost
  • Minimum Energy consumption
  • Increased Efficiency
  • surplus energy generated is exported back to the grid
  • Anti Bactria, Vitamin C, Titanium Di-Oxide
  • Work on both, solar power and electricity grid.
  • Solar Air Conditioner is Low Maintenance.
  • Zero Electricity Bill and saving up to 100%

The efficiency of the heat pump systems can further be increased by either using: 1. Solar water heater assisted heat pump water heater. 2. Solar electricity powered heat pumps. The operating cost of the system is much lower as compared to the conventional heat pumps. Solar AC is a very effective solution for those locations where climate is hot & humid and grid based electricity is scare and unable due to frequent power cuts or is costly, solar AC is designed to address these evident problems. Solar AC runs on different alternative energy sources i.e. when it is working on solar PV it saves and reduces Grid electricity demand, it is also very power efficient system and saves the electricity expenses of the customer. Solar ac is very environment friendly and it reduces grid power consumption t0 100% because the grid power is generated by Fossil fuel, whereas solar system reduces the grid power demand and the result in less carbon emission into the atmosphere.

Main Components

  • Compressor – Driving component of the heat pump
  • Condensor
  • Evaporator
  • Smart Electronic controller
  • Solar Panels

  • Weather resistant cabinet
  • Intelligent Safety Features
  • Solar Batteries (Optional)
  • Solar Accessories
  • Solar Inverter

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